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UPI & E-Wallets (Status: It’s Complicated)

It was one fine morning of August 2016, I had just finished my first early morning walk of this year's second attempt to "get fit" goal. Before I could head

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Product Manager vs Product Owner

"Product Manager" and "Product Owner" to a great extent treated as the same, which in my humble is not the case. Product Managers often thought of as sitting at the

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You might like to read "What is Character Encoding?" first. ASCII stands for The American Standard Code for Information Interchange and EBCDIC for the Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code.

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What is Character Encoding?

"There are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who don't." It's a nerd joke which should set the tone right for what is

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Introduction to ISO 8583 Message Specification

My almost a decade long experience in Payment domain allowed me to understand financial transactions better. Here I will try my best to provide a simple introduction to ISO 8583

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Refund vs. Reversal vs. Void Transactions 

A transaction typically go through two cycles, i.e; Authorization and Clearing. Reversal, Refund and Void transactions all meant to return the money to customer. Depending upong what caused the return

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Payment Tokenization – Clearing Flow

In the first part of Tokenization articles we covered the basic understanding of tokenization and in the second part we covered the Authorization flow. In this article, we'll dive deeper

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Payment Tokenization – Authorization Flow

In the first part of Tokenization we covered the basic understanding of tokenization. In this article, we'll dive deeper to understand the tokenization based authorization flow. The following are the

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What is Payment Tokenization?

Tokenization is basically a substitution technique. Substitution is practiced to isolate data or information in an ecosystem. Payment world adopted tokenization to secure sensitive data like Primary Account Number (PAN)

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Aadhar Pay

Aadhar Pay is an Aadhar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) by UIDAI and NPCI. It eliminates the need of a debit card Or mobile wallet like paytm, mobikwik etc Or even

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How to set TimeMachine backup size limit

TimeMachine will standard use all the available disk space on an external drive or a external server volume. You can setup a limit how much disk space Time Machine may

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How to Delete TimeMachine Backup Manually

If you owe a Mac you must be using TimeMachine to backup your machine. And if you use TimeMachine at one point of your life you must have come across

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